Política de reembolso

Our refund policy to serve you better!

Did you order something and didn't receive it?

This might be because of a climatic change that doesn't allow our farmer allies to have a product. Since we only work with organic farmers that we know are growing veggies to our highest standards, we often can't have an alternative. Similarly, most of out artisan producers make all their food products from scratch, and sometimes they run into hiccups that don't allow them to fulfill out order. Since we only work with the best, we are limited to what they have and are able to produce. 

Was something amiss in your order? 

Please let us know within 48 hours so that we can offer you store credit. Remember we are working with real food, and that means it will be unique, flavorful and authentic. We value quality over aesthetics! We don't offer refunds because each veggie was harvested specifically for you! However, we know sometimes things may get squished or sad, so please let us know. If you go over 48 hours, we won't be able to give you store credit. Please call 46886043 for support. 

Love our store and want more?

Are you looking for things we don't currently have? Or forgot to add something to your order? Please call or WhatsApp text 46886043 so that we can make sure you get all the delicious things you need. 

Thank you for creating a better world with us!